Balcas: one of Britain's and Ireland's largest wood products suppliers

Float Building = Team Building

March 23rd, 2019

At Enniskillen’s St Patrick’s festival on Sunday, Balcas’s story was brilliantly imagined for the local community by a team of staff volunteers.

It began with a concentration on Forests – places of health and leisure – the ingredients of the forest are rain, sun, land & CO2. By providing commercial value for the forest crop, Balcas contributes to the continuous increase in afforestation (all through Europe this is the case), and it means CO2 absorption continues to exceed release.

The forest crop keeps our factories running. Approx 300k tonnes of CO2 is sequestered away in timber products each year. Sawmill residues and forest residues are used to make electricity – we generate twice what we use each year. More residuals are dried with the lefftover heat dries fibre for our brites wood pellets.

The theme of the day was “going green in 19″…. Our team did great – our CO2 credentials are 500,000 tonnes each year net net of the fuel we use in harvesting and transport. After harvest, the crop is replanted.

The challenge of creating the float proved to be a great team building experience and an opportunity for staff to feel pride in Balcas….and as a bonus to being able to tell our story we also won the award for Best Business Float!

To see the rest of the float – visit our facebook page: balcastimber


Winning Team!